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At some point, all anglers have to answer the call to nature when there are not any nearby facilities to take advantage of. For long sessions anglers, you may feel more comfortable setting up a shelter as a bathroom rather than having to go find a quiet spot to empty your bladder.

With the RidgeMonkey CoZee Toilet Seat Full Kit, you essentially have your very own bankside toilet. Of course, it will not have its own sewage system and it will require you to dispose of your waste sensibly at the end of your use or sessions.

The CoZee Toilet Seat simply turns the RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket XL into this a deluxe portable toilet that even comes with a folding lid so you can be mindful of the guests that may pop over to your peg! The seat is rated to support anglers below 160kg / 25st.

To help with a safe disposal, the CoZee toilet comes with absorbent bags to capture any mess for discreet disposal. You simply add a bag in like a bin liner to the bucket before attaching the toilet seat. This way you can clean up after a long session with less arduous bucket cleaning!

This is the perfect option for any outdoor pursuits where facilities are limited and the toilet does include the Modular Bucket XL so you do not need to try fit the seat your spare bait bucket. If that was not enough, you can keep your important loo paper nearby with the removable toilet roll holder.

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