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Ridgemonkey Crusher Bucket set + Choppa + Nash Box Logic Medium Tackle Box Loaded + £100 bundle of terminal tackle!

The RidgeMonkey Crusher lets you turn a kilo of boilies into crumbs for spod mix or groundbait, just by turning the removable handle for less than a minute. The crumb falls into the included 17 litre bucket, which is designed to fit under the crusher head. Everything comes in a durable drawstring carry bag.

Powerful Blades

A non-identical blade pattern means the boilies are crushed into a varied final texture. The array of stainless steel crushing blades, which are strong enough to chop tiger nuts, will chomp through a kilo of boilies in under a minute.

Modular Bucket

The crusher head is designed to fit on the 17 litre (4.5 gallon) modular bucket system, which comes included. This lets you quickly make boilie crumb which you can use for spod mix, groundbait and marginal work.

Durability Throughout

Along with corrosion-resistant blades, the Crusher has a robust ABS construction. This makes the Crusher resistant to scratches and impacts. The whole thing comes in a hardwearing drawstring carry bag.

Easy to Use

By turning the handle backwards and forwards, you can quickly grind up the boilies without gumming up the blades. A transparent lid lets you see how much bait is left to crush. You can then easily release the handle for better transportation.


  • Turns a kilogram of boilies into crumb in under a minute
  • Non-identical blade pattern for a varied texture
  • Corrosion-resistant blades
  • 17 litre (4.5 gallon) modular bucket system included (also available separately)
  • Robust ABS plastic construction
  • Transparent lid
  • Removable handle
  • Hardwearing drawstring carry bag

Medium Tackle Box Loaded

  • 6 small dividers
  • Slim Box 8
  • Shallow Box 6
  • Shallow Box 2
  • 4 x Linkers

Medium 26cm (w) x 20cm (d) x 6cm (h)

Nash Bait Screw 8mm

Nash Cling-On Putty, Model: Silt

Nash Shrink Tube, Size: 0.5mm

Nash Shrink Tube, Size: 1.0mm

Nash Micro Ring Swivel

Nash Quick Change Uni Ring Swivels, Size: Standard

Nash Webcast PVA Dispenser, Size: Narrow 23mm x 7m

Nash Hooklink Sleeves

Nash Micro Dot Spod, Colour: Black

Nash Tungsten Hook Kickers XL

Nash Cling-On Tungsten Tubing, Colour: Dark Silt

Nash Pinpoint Fang Gyro Hooks, Size: 6 Micro Barbed

Nash Pinpoint Claw Hooks, Size: 4 Micro Barbed

Nash Pinpoint Claw Hooks, Size: 5 Micro Barbed

Nash Cutters

Nash Boilie Needle

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