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Boasting impressive neatness in rig creation the Korda Krimps are crimps that have been designed to allow easy rig construction with stiff materials.

One great use of the Korda Krimps is to create extremely neat loops for chod rigs as well as allowing you to create chod rigs that are exactly the same length each and every time.

There are two sizes of the Korda Krimp available, which have been designed to suit different materials. The smaller ones (0.6mm) will suit stiff bristle materials like Mouth Trap and stiff coated braids, like Korda’s Hybrid Stiff, and the larger option is perfect for really thick materials (like 30lb plus mono).

The Korda product development team went to extreme lengths to make sure that the Krimps and Krimp tools were exactly right, having to overcome various problems along the way. The complexity of getting the tool and Krimps just right has meant that this has been a long development, but we’re sure that it’s been well worth the wait.

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