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The first thing you’ll notice about the range of bobbins is its ‘floating isotope’ design. This is achieved by inserting a ‘crystal clear’ plastic infill into the centre of the bobbin. When you insert an isotope into the especially created cavity (which can be accessed using the supplied Korda-green screwdriver), it will appear as if your isotope is floating right in the centre of your bobbin for an exceptionally carpy look! The brand, of course, prefers to use a green isotope but you can insert any isotope of your choosing into the setup.

The next thing you’ll notice about the Black and Whites Bobbin range is its dedicated adjustable line clip. This is a special design which allows line to flow through the clip without being gripped, ensuring that your bobbins are never the cause of any carp-losing line damage! The mechanism to tighten the grip strength of the bobbin runs right through the centre of the bobbin. Simply twist to increase or decrease the clip strength of your bobbin, giving you the ultimate product customisation.

These Black and Whites come supplied with their very own magnetic bayonet style hockey sticks. These are fully compatible with the Korda Stow system, so you can change between styles on the bank with ease – simply detach the bobbin from the stick and replace it with the Stow style indicator without having to change your rods! The bobbin also comes supplied with two different chain lengths. This allows you to choose the perfect length for your style of angling, whether you prefer the standard 6 inch length or you prefer a slightly longer 9 inch. Each bobbin also comes with two interchangeable weights. This allows you to modify your setup depending on the conditions on the day, so whether you’re fishing on a mill-pond still day or wild current heavy waters in the wind, you’ll be able to enjoy to precision of indication that these bobbins afford you.

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