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Combatting against the hot temperatures at the bankside in the summer can sometimes feel like a losing battle, especially when sitting inside your clammy bivvy. Thankfully, Trakker has created the perfect bivvy accessory for this scenario.

The Trakker USB Bivvy Fan is a powerful twin fan that will circulate air around your shelter helping you keep cool in hot conditions. The bivvy fan can also help reduce condensation when the temperature drops outside so that the hot air radiating from yourself inside your shelter does not cause condensed liquid and lead to mould. It also means your bivvy windows will not get misted up so you can keep an eye on those rods.

With the dimensions of 232mm x 50mm x 118mm and the weight of just 292g, this fan is truly impressive for its 2-7W power output whilst working on low power consumption. If that is not enough, the compact design of the Trakker portable fan is easy to transport and runs off any standard USB output so you can easily link it up to your power bank when in your bivvy and link it up to your car when on the drive down to the bankside.

The bivvy fan also sports a small absorbent pad for adding insect repellent liquid. Moving air and the addition of citronella oil can significantly deter mosquitoes and other insects which is great news for anglers are constantly battling against insect pests when at the bankside. There are six-speed settings to choose from so you can get the right amount of air circulation and the fan has a 360-degree rotating head for optimal airflow.

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